Lessons Death Teaches Us About Life

By Maggie Tillman posted 08-16-2020 16:11


Death has been with humanity since the dawn of time and yet when it strikes, it brings with it a shocking reality check as though it was happening for the first time. 

We all know death is inevitable to all living and yet live as though it was distant and something that happens to others. The moment you are born, death is the one thing that is certain and definite to happen and this knowledge should influence how we live and the values we adopt in life.

To live positively, learn to accept death

The suddenness and finality of death throw the bereaved into a difficult grieving process that can affect their quality of life negatively. 

The problem here is denial, the refusal to accept the reality of death as a normal consequence to life, an integral part of the life process. The death of a loved one should teach the living that life is transient but that it is also worth living positively. 

The grieving and healing teach one to appreciate life once more and to move on with renewed purpose. Making a conscious decision to seek guidance on grief and loss during hard times by Memorials.com is a demonstration of acceptance and positive thinking. These are professionals in matters of death and grief who handle funerals and counseling and are a vital help to a bereaved family.  

Learn to live your life fully

Out of nothingness, you were born into this life with no clue as to how long the sojourn would last but with one certainty, death at the end of it, and back to nothingness. 

Death is a constant reminder to the living that life is brief and a privilege with an unknown recall date that does not allow one time to organize their affairs when the grim reaper calls. What does this tight leash on life teach us?

The moment you come of age to know what life entails, let the death of those close to you serve as an awakening call for self-examination. Figure out the purpose for which you want to live and proceed to live in that presence. Do not leave room for regrets when the time comes but rather have the satisfaction of an accomplished life.

Importance of love in relationships

When death happens, it awakens the power of love among family members and acquaintances. Death reminds us that we are interdependent on one another and of the need to foster these bonds in our relationships. 

Most times, we are so busy chasing mundane goals we never stop to appreciate relationships we have that are, in essence, our pillars of support in adversity.

Death has a way of teaching us the need for each other and always brings people together. However, the lesson is also a reminder that for this to count at the hour of need, it must be an ongoing process. Whether bereaved or supporting the grieving, we learn to extend love to those around us.

Contentment in life

As observed, death only helps illustrate the transient nature of life and restates the fact that nothing is permanent. This understanding calls for a holistic approach to life as one moves along this journey, whose final date is unknown. 

One must appreciate every achievement they make in life and accept that which is the result of their effort even as they strive for better fortunes. Being contented means, one can enjoy the fullness of life in a fast-paced world without feeling incompetent. Contentment focus on the quality of life and the present. 

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